Tell Those You Love That You Do


Valentines Day has long been a rather polarizing holiday… The vast majority of us either love it or loathe it, and for a wide array of reasons.

Some loathe it because they consider it a manufactured holiday, others because they don’t have a special romantic interest with whom to share the decadent chocolates, still others because they are one of the many loving hearts who inevitably forget all about it until the very last minute, and then find themselves frantically scampering around town looking for a gift and finding stores closed, looking for chocolates and finding nothing but stale gas station versions, or looking for flowers and finding only dandelions – and badly wilted ones at that.

There is a lot to love about Valentines Day, however, and while it can be easy to forget it in the frantic run around, it really is there. You can walk into any flower shop in town and bask in the fragrance of the coming Spring. Seriously. Try it. It smells incredible. It is also a great opportunity to find a new restaurant in town and explore the culinary corners of your world. Arguably one of the best happy circumstances that arises around Valentines Day are the great deals you can get at your favorite local or online Black Hills Gold Jewelry retailer!

Regardless of your particular opinion of the holiday, Valentines Day does serve one particularly wonderful purpose; it reminds us to TELL those we love, that we do. So much of our lives become mundane; the same schedules, the same meals, the same bedtime routine. Even saying “I love you” becomes common place, a reflex as our partner walks out the door for the day or just before we say goodnight. These connections, however, are where the truth of our families, even our communities, lies. These deeply loving relationships – whether friend to friend, child to mother, or romantic partner to romantic partner… even from you to yourself – these connections are the cornerstones of our lives. Our cherished relationships are the beautiful gems that make life so particularly beautiful and Valentines Day is a bright and joyful reminder to take a moment of gratitude for them.

Here at Black Hills Gold Jewelry by Coleman, we specialize is celebrating special people and special moments. Our handcrafted, genuine Black Hills Gold Jewelry is known across the country for its heirloom quality and unique styling. If you are loathing the run-around this Valentines Day, let Black Hills Gold Jewelry by Coleman save the day with a stunning artisan crafted piece that will remind those closest to you, every day, that you love them.

Find a moment this Valentines Day to tell the person you love the most in the world that they matter to you. And, maybe even surprise them with a gift of Black Hills Gold Jewelry by Coleman too.

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