It’s that time of year again… No, not the one with the turkey… The one with the mustaches. In case you’ve been thinking for the past few years that people have gotten REALLY lazy with typos, and all the “Movember” references all over the place are the result of a probably-no-longer-employed proofreader… We’re here to tell you it is actually a recently-coined word, and, that typo is for a really good cause.

According to the Movember Foundation website, what started back in 2003 with just 30 or so men, has grown to 5 million. All over the country grass-roots groups are coming together to raise awareness in a fun (and, really rather appropriate) way. With a vision statement like “To have an everlasting impact on the face of men’s health”, it’s fitting that all over the country otherwise clean-shaven men are putting their razors away on November 1st in a show of solidarity for Men’s Health Issues. Many are also raising money to support research and education for men across the world.

Even women can participate, and the effort has grown with lots of options available for those that don’t naturally grow facial hair. Here at Black Hills Gold Jewelry by Coleman, we want to do our part to support the men in our community and around the world who may be dealing with any kind of health issue from various cancers to mental health challenges.

This November, consider getting a little something extra, something above and beyond the turkey and stuffing. A gift for Dad, or a brother or son or significant other. Just a little something to remind him that his happiness – and his health – is important to you, too. Here at Black Hills Gold Jewelry by Coleman we have a wide selection of tack pins, watches, rings, and key chains… perhaps to tuck in with a little card that says “I support Movember, and I support you.”

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