Do You Believe in the Easter Bunny?

CC-Feb-2016-LRemember the Easter Egg Hunt? The unbridled joy of running around in the yard or house, dressed in your Sunday best, to see what treasure lie in the brightly colored plastic eggs hidden beneath bushes or at the feet of a newly blossoming tree?

Adulthood brings a somewhat different perspective on the holiday, perhaps a more introspective one, and often it also brings a bitersweet sense of loss. There was such a magic around Easter as a child… The legendary Easter Bunny summoned visions of baskets filled to overflowing with trinkets and treasures to the delight of the sharp-eyed egg-hunters.

This year, why not bring back a little of that Easter magic? Oh, sure you can buy a delicious little gift of chocolate in the shape of an egg, or a package of marshmallow bunnies, but perhaps instead of a pink plastic egg, a lovely jewelry box would fit the bill – with a gift inside truly reminiscent of the message of the season. Perhaps a pendant or pair of earrings adorned with a finely crafted Black Hills gold cross, or a stunning onyx and silver rosary would light up the face of a special loved one – the way candy did when they were a child.

This year, make the Bunny real again, with an inspirational gift from Black Hills Gold Jewelry by Coleman.

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