Bring in the New Year Right


Here in the Black Hills of South Dakota, 2017 is off to a chilly start, but the world around us is positively aglitter with a thick crust of white snow that covers the landscape. Despite the frigid temperatures, however, there are smiling faces all around us, people bright with hopes and dreams for the New Year.

There’s something particularly empowering about these first weeks of January, when we hold close to our hearts the recent warm memories of family and friends. We look back on the year passed, and remember both the many blessings and the many lessons. We remember the things we thought would be different and the things that really were, and we are grateful for how far we’ve come.

We go boldly into our days with the steadfastness that comes from having just set new goals, having just designed new visions for our lives, and the pride that comes from having taken the first tentative steps towards those ends.

Here, at the dawn of 2017, perhaps one of the best gifts we can give ourselves is one of memory. A gift that will symbolize for us all we had in 2016 and all we dream for 2017. A gift that we really want, one that will remind us everyday that we deserve those grand dreams and that last year was a good year – if only because we grew. It could be something that will be both a reward for the action we’ve taken so far, and a reminder of our commitment to ourselves.

This January, let Black Hills Gold Jewelry by Coleman provide you with a reminder; a keepsake to remember from where you’ve come, and the bright path of hope for where you’re going.

Happy New Year!!

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