Remember Your First Day of School?


Remember your first day of school? Or even high school? Every emotion running high… anxious anticipation of the new definition; high schooler, worry about classes and teachers and homework loads, excitement for the new friends and romances, fear of gym or band or math. Then of course there’s the ever present concern about fashion faux pas, driving mishaps, and food in your braces. The first day of school was a doozy, to be sure.

It’s interesting, however, how the perspective changes looking back on that day from adulthood. Suddenly we can see ourselves as children taking the first tentative steps into adulthood. We can see ourselves beginning to decide who we want to be and where we want to fit in the social world. From adulthood, it’s easy to see ourselves not as an emotional teenager in varying degrees of angst, but instead seeing ourselves as individual people who are, deep down, simply embarking on the next phase of our journey, perhaps excited to to be a new, older, more adult version of ourselves.

This year, as we stand in adulthood holding backpacks and lunch boxes for little ones leaving the house, spending the rest of the morning hoping and praying their day will go ok… as we nervously surrender teenagers to their cars, huge schools and varying class schedules… this year let’s hold a little place to celebrate their transition, their growth, their new version of themselves.

This year, give them a little something that will forever mark the occasion and remind them for the rest of their lives how proud you were to see them bravely embark on the next incredible journey. A stunning bracelet or charm, a beautiful sterling silver ring or a delicate necklace – all handmade by local artisans and backed by Black Hills Gold Jewelry by Coleman’s legendary quality – will stir a warm memory in their hearts for the rest of their lives. A piece that can be handed down to children and grandchildren as each generation faces the first few steps of their adult lives.

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