Bring in the New Year Right


Here in the Black Hills of South Dakota, 2017 is off to a chilly start, but the world around us is positively aglitter with a thick crust of white snow that covers the landscape. Despite the frigid temperatures, however, there are smiling faces all around us, people bright with hopes and dreams for the New Year.

There’s something particularly empowering about these first weeks of January, when we hold close to our hearts the recent warm memories of family and friends. We look back on the year passed, and remember both the many blessings and the many lessons. We remember the things we thought would be different and the things that really were, and we are grateful for how far we’ve come.

We go boldly into our days with the steadfastness that comes from having just set new goals, having just designed new visions for our lives, and the pride that comes from having taken the first tentative steps towards those ends.

Here, at the dawn of 2017, perhaps one of the best gifts we can give ourselves is one of memory. A gift that will symbolize for us all we had in 2016 and all we dream for 2017. A gift that we really want, one that will remind us everyday that we deserve those grand dreams and that last year was a good year – if only because we grew. It could be something that will be both a reward for the action we’ve taken so far, and a reminder of our commitment to ourselves.

This January, let Black Hills Gold Jewelry by Coleman provide you with a reminder; a keepsake to remember from where you’ve come, and the bright path of hope for where you’re going.

Happy New Year!!

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It’s that time of year again… No, not the one with the turkey… The one with the mustaches. In case you’ve been thinking for the past few years that people have gotten REALLY lazy with typos, and all the “Movember” references all over the place are the result of a probably-no-longer-employed proofreader… We’re here to tell you it is actually a recently-coined word, and, that typo is for a really good cause.

According to the Movember Foundation website, what started back in 2003 with just 30 or so men, has grown to 5 million. All over the country grass-roots groups are coming together to raise awareness in a fun (and, really rather appropriate) way. With a vision statement like “To have an everlasting impact on the face of men’s health”, it’s fitting that all over the country otherwise clean-shaven men are putting their razors away on November 1st in a show of solidarity for Men’s Health Issues. Many are also raising money to support research and education for men across the world.

Even women can participate, and the effort has grown with lots of options available for those that don’t naturally grow facial hair. Here at Black Hills Gold Jewelry by Coleman, we want to do our part to support the men in our community and around the world who may be dealing with any kind of health issue from various cancers to mental health challenges.

This November, consider getting a little something extra, something above and beyond the turkey and stuffing. A gift for Dad, or a brother or son or significant other. Just a little something to remind him that his happiness – and his health – is important to you, too. Here at Black Hills Gold Jewelry by Coleman we have a wide selection of tack pins, watches, rings, and key chains… perhaps to tuck in with a little card that says “I support Movember, and I support you.”

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Coleman Company Supports Breast Cancer Awareness


In case you’ve missed the wide swaths of lovely pink ribbons across almost every media outlet, October is national Breast Cancer Awareness Month. All over the nation people are coming together to build support for those affected by this devastating disease, and here at Black Hills Gold Jewelry by Coleman we wanted to do something special to contribute to the cause.

In the spirit of the popular pink ribbon campaign, our team of artisan designers created a line of genuine Black Hills Gold and Sterling Silver jewelry pieces, each featuring the celebrated pink ribbon. Handcrafted in our signature heirloom quality, every piece immortalizes the cause, giving the recipient a way to show their support every day. Every lovely piece can be given and worn for generations to come, a permanent reminder of the memory of a loved one who has battled – or is battling – the disease, proudly proclaiming the wearer as a supporter, or a survivor. And proceeds from every sale of these pieces goes to help continue the fight to find a cure.

This October, give a gift of support to every mother, daughter, wife, or friend who has been impacted by one of our nations deadliest diseases… and help their memory, their fight, and their courage live on forever. To shop the entire collection, visit one of our many authorized retailers online or in your local area.

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Fall in Love with Black Hills Gold Jewelry


Here in the Black Hills, fall is a widely loved season of color. Through the last weeks of September and well into October the stunning array of fall colors can be found throughout the Hills region, dazzling shades of yellow, gold, and red, sprinkled in with the deep green of evergreen pine and spruce – a show of beauty that often renders favorite Black Hills roads nearly impassable with traffic. People clamor for the perfect photo, seeking out the ideal conditions to immortalize the incredible visual impact of fall in the Black Hills.

Here at Black Hills Gold Jewelry by Coleman, however, we have a slightly different take on preserving the splendor of the natural world this time of year… we sculpt it into our jewelry. As the signature for Black Hills Gold, each artisan crafted piece of Black Hills Gold or Sterling Silver jewelry bears the hallmark pink and green leaves – a perpetual reminder of the fall beauty. Handcrafted of heirloom quality materials, Black Hills Gold jewelry has become synonymous not only with the Hills for which it is named, but also for the season it so elegantly represents.

There is no question – people LOVE the fall and all its color. We’ll help you capture the memory, and hold it in your heart forever. To view our Collections, visit or purchase your favorite design at one of our partner retailers.

Happy Fall!

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Remember Your First Day of School?


Remember your first day of school? Or even high school? Every emotion running high… anxious anticipation of the new definition; high schooler, worry about classes and teachers and homework loads, excitement for the new friends and romances, fear of gym or band or math. Then of course there’s the ever present concern about fashion faux pas, driving mishaps, and food in your braces. The first day of school was a doozy, to be sure.

It’s interesting, however, how the perspective changes looking back on that day from adulthood. Suddenly we can see ourselves as children taking the first tentative steps into adulthood. We can see ourselves beginning to decide who we want to be and where we want to fit in the social world. From adulthood, it’s easy to see ourselves not as an emotional teenager in varying degrees of angst, but instead seeing ourselves as individual people who are, deep down, simply embarking on the next phase of our journey, perhaps excited to to be a new, older, more adult version of ourselves.

This year, as we stand in adulthood holding backpacks and lunch boxes for little ones leaving the house, spending the rest of the morning hoping and praying their day will go ok… as we nervously surrender teenagers to their cars, huge schools and varying class schedules… this year let’s hold a little place to celebrate their transition, their growth, their new version of themselves.

This year, give them a little something that will forever mark the occasion and remind them for the rest of their lives how proud you were to see them bravely embark on the next incredible journey. A stunning bracelet or charm, a beautiful sterling silver ring or a delicate necklace – all handmade by local artisans and backed by Black Hills Gold Jewelry by Coleman’s legendary quality – will stir a warm memory in their hearts for the rest of their lives. A piece that can be handed down to children and grandchildren as each generation faces the first few steps of their adult lives.

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Memory is fleeting but Black Hills Gold Jewelry by Coleman is forever


Summer is often a time for families to reconnect. The kids are out of school, the days are long and warm, and vacation time that’s been saved all year can finally be put to use. Here in the Black Hills, we see a lot of vacationers. Every year we welcome tourists in droves, from all over the country and the world, drawn – presumably – to many of the very things that keep locals here year round. Hikes, bike trips, kayak adventures, cave exploration, fishing and camping weekends, rock climbing expeditions, scores of community festivals and events… for some, even just the beauty and sanctuary of the Black Hills flutters the heart and stirs the soul.

And every year in the fall we see fewer and fewer out of state plates, the campgrounds close down, and families pack up their pictures and head home. Maybe their photos are eventually transferred to a computer, perhaps a few are printed and put into a photo book, maybe one is chosen for the family holiday card. For the most part, though, the photos are stored away, the adventure fades and the whole experience is distilled down to a fragile memory of “the summer we spent in the Hills.”

Black Hills Gold Jewelry by Coleman is on a mission to change all that. Our skilled artisans have handcrafted a whole series of pieces over the years, gorgeous works to memorialize your favorite memories of your time here in the mountain oasis on the edge of the Great Plains. Delicately tooled Sterling Silver and Black Hills Gold have been crafted as Charms and Memory Beads designed to work with your memory bracelet of choice. Each piece is of the highest quality, ensuring that every time your memory bracelet is noticed by a stranger or a friend, it will forever remind you of the fond memories you created here in the Black Hills of South Dakota or anywhere in the world where you purchased your Coleman Black Hills Gold Jewelry Charms or Memory Beads.

Have a magnificent summer!

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Have a Blast in the Black Hills of SD USA


Fireworks have been a part of the Fourth of July tradition in this country for more than two centuries and for those of us who live in regions where fireworks are still used for such festivities, it would be hard to imagine the celebration without them. Particularly, the fourth of July celebration. And particularly, here in the Black Hills of South Dakota. There is something that is stirred in a person, standing with hand over heart, joining the chorus of voices singing the national anthem just before the first glittering rains of color fall from the explosion overhead, and that feeling is magnified ten fold when the view before you is the stunning sculpture we know as Mount Rushmore.

The fourth of July is a big deal in the Black Hills. Almost every little community in the area hosts celebrations from parades and car shows to farmer’s market and vendor exhibits. You can tour the city of Presidents (named the most patriotic city by Rand McNally, 2011), check out a nationally renown fireworks display over the Homestake Open Cut in Lead or enjoy an old fashioned rodeo in Belle Fourche. No matter where you go or what you do in the Black Hills of South Dakota over the fourth of July, you’re sure to have a blast!

If the Black Hills is the perfect place to spend your holiday, then Black Hills Gold Jewelry by Coleman is the perfect way to commemorate your trip. With an incredible array of styles handcrafted in their signature heirloom quality sterling silver and karat gold accented with Black Hills Gold leaves, there is a perfect piece for everyone. You’ll have a blast in the Black Hills, and Black Hills Gold Jewelry by Coleman will help make sure you’ll never forget it.

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Return Your Love to Your Dad!


For many of us, our mothers are the nurturers… they worry about what we eat long before we’ve ever entered the world, they worry about our grades when we’re in pre-school, they analyze and reanalyze our relationships and our career interests… all in the name of raising brilliant young stars who will have a powerfully positive impact on the world.

Fathers have those same hopes and dreams for us. That same desire to teach us all we need to know before they have to pat us on the back and send us out into the world armed with only our belief in a hopeful future…and perhaps a few golden nuggets of wisdom passed down through the generations.

Profound lessons like “Were you born in a barn?” could be taken as somewhat insulting at first glance, but the perspective of adulthood shines a much different light. The real message here is “comfort has a cost. Take care of the home you have. Close the door.”

Then there’s the ever-popular dad-ism “If you’re going to dance, you have to pay the fiddler.” Really, dad? What if the fiddler just likes to fiddle? Besides, who says you have to have a fiddler to dance? Yet again, however, with the dawn of adulthood, it’s safe to say, he makes a good point; every action and choice has a consequence – good or bad. Know the cost. Truly, wise words.

Dad’s response to the weak argument “everyone else is doing it,” just as quickly became a powerful – albeit cliche – come-back; “If everyone else jumped off a bridge, would you do it too?” Well, if the river below is a party and if the bridge isn’t very tall…” Dad knew, though, that he was teaching us to think for ourselves – even if we didn’t understand it that way at first.

Maybe when he said “Does it look like I’m made of money?” what he meant was “of course I want to give you anything and everything your heart desires, but it’s not possible so I’m doing the best I can to provide for you.” And he did.

Dad may not have shown it the way mom did with long conversations and home-cooked meals… but he loved us. He showed us with 1am trips to the pharmacy for baby-asprin, weekends spent fixing our cars, and warm, safe places to go to sleep at night. He may have had some funny ways of saying it, but our dads loved us. This father’s day, give dad a quiet reminder that you love him too, and that – especially after all these years – you understand what he was trying to say.

Shop online or at your favorite, local retailer for a special piece of Black Hills Gold Jewelry by Coleman to return your love to your dad!

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Who’s Your Special Parent Figure?


Every year as the first tastes of new life blossom on the trees, we take a moment to pause and remember our Mothers. Historians trace the holiday back to roots in a similar celebration; Mothering Sunday, an opportunity for children to gift their mothers with a token of their appreciation, and an acknowledgment of the many sacrifices made for their benefit. These traditions have carried forward to the Mother’s Day celebration we know today, a time when we remind our mothers how grateful we are that they gave us their time, their attention, and their wisdom. A time when we offer them a reminder that we know our lives are better because of their gifts.

Likely though, there are others in our lives that have given us those same gifts, people that don’t as quickly come to mind on the designated Sunday in May. For many of us, there are Aunts and Uncles, neighbors and friends-of-mom who have welcomed us into their lives and provided us with many of the same nurturing qualities our mothers did. These unsung men and women have also given us their time, their attention, their lessons. They have done so without question, without hesitation, and with no expectation of gratification. They gave to us because they loved us.

This Mother’s Day, extend a token of your love, respect, and appreciation for the “Nurturers” in your life; those who have given above and beyond because they loved you. Remind them that you are grateful for the special way that they touched your life, and that you will always remember the gifts they gave.

Find a handcrafted, heirloom quality piece from one of Black Hills Gold Jewelry by Coleman’s many retailers that most perfectly celebrates the special Mothering-types in your life.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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Good luck comes to those who wear Black Hills Gold Jewelry


It is said that long before Saint Patrick used the three leaves of the clover plant to illustrate the Holy Trinity, ancient Druids believed the shamrock held special powers; one of which was the ability to detect evil spirits. The clover reigned for centuries as a spiritual symbol for several traditions, representing everything from abundance, provision, and nurturing to stability, growth, and fruitfulness (in part because clover grows so quickly and easily), faith, hope, and love to god/goddess energy, time, and balance. Across its many symbolic meanings, however, clover again and again brings up the themes of spirituality and success, perhaps cementing its perception as a charm of luck.

Black Hills Gold jewelry, too, has long been considered ‘a lucky charm’, with the legend of the grapes and leaves stemming from a story about a man on the brink of fatal dehydration whose vision of grapevines inspired him to press on in his search for sustenance, ultimately finding the water he so desperately needed.

While embracing the traditional symbol of the shamrock as a way to channel some of the long-touted luck of the Irish can’t exactly be proven, one thing is for sure; anyone who receives a gift of Black Hills Gold Jewelry – perhaps particularly if it is in the form of a shamrock – is, truly, quite lucky.

Black Hills Gold Jewelry by Coleman offers a stunning selection of “lucky” charms in the tradition of horseshoes, crosses, and – of course – shamrocks. The signature pink and green coloring lends itself beautifully to the symbol of success, making these unique symbols all the more stunning. Crafted by the finest goldsmiths around, the quality of each piece promises to remind generation after generation of wearers just how lucky they are.

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