Memory is fleeting but Black Hills Gold Jewelry by Coleman is forever


Summer is often a time for families to reconnect. The kids are out of school, the days are long and warm, and vacation time that’s been saved all year can finally be put to use. Here in the Black Hills, we see a lot of vacationers. Every year we welcome tourists in droves, from all over the country and the world, drawn – presumably – to many of the very things that keep locals here year round. Hikes, bike trips, kayak adventures, cave exploration, fishing and camping weekends, rock climbing expeditions, scores of community festivals and events… for some, even just the beauty and sanctuary of the Black Hills flutters the heart and stirs the soul.

And every year in the fall we see fewer and fewer out of state plates, the campgrounds close down, and families pack up their pictures and head home. Maybe their photos are eventually transferred to a computer, perhaps a few are printed and put into a photo book, maybe one is chosen for the family holiday card. For the most part, though, the photos are stored away, the adventure fades and the whole experience is distilled down to a fragile memory of “the summer we spent in the Hills.”

Black Hills Gold Jewelry by Coleman is on a mission to change all that. Our skilled artisans have handcrafted a whole series of pieces over the years, gorgeous works to memorialize your favorite memories of your time here in the mountain oasis on the edge of the Great Plains. Delicately tooled Sterling Silver and Black Hills Gold have been crafted as Charms and Memory Beads designed to work with your memory bracelet of choice. Each piece is of the highest quality, ensuring that every time your memory bracelet is noticed by a stranger or a friend, it will forever remind you of the fond memories you created here in the Black Hills of South Dakota or anywhere in the world where you purchased your Coleman Black Hills Gold Jewelry Charms or Memory Beads.

Have a magnificent summer!

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