Return Your Love to Your Dad!


For many of us, our mothers are the nurturers… they worry about what we eat long before we’ve ever entered the world, they worry about our grades when we’re in pre-school, they analyze and reanalyze our relationships and our career interests… all in the name of raising brilliant young stars who will have a powerfully positive impact on the world.

Fathers have those same hopes and dreams for us. That same desire to teach us all we need to know before they have to pat us on the back and send us out into the world armed with only our belief in a hopeful future…and perhaps a few golden nuggets of wisdom passed down through the generations.

Profound lessons like “Were you born in a barn?” could be taken as somewhat insulting at first glance, but the perspective of adulthood shines a much different light. The real message here is “comfort has a cost. Take care of the home you have. Close the door.”

Then there’s the ever-popular dad-ism “If you’re going to dance, you have to pay the fiddler.” Really, dad? What if the fiddler just likes to fiddle? Besides, who says you have to have a fiddler to dance? Yet again, however, with the dawn of adulthood, it’s safe to say, he makes a good point; every action and choice has a consequence – good or bad. Know the cost. Truly, wise words.

Dad’s response to the weak argument “everyone else is doing it,” just as quickly became a powerful – albeit cliche – come-back; “If everyone else jumped off a bridge, would you do it too?” Well, if the river below is a party and if the bridge isn’t very tall…” Dad knew, though, that he was teaching us to think for ourselves – even if we didn’t understand it that way at first.

Maybe when he said “Does it look like I’m made of money?” what he meant was “of course I want to give you anything and everything your heart desires, but it’s not possible so I’m doing the best I can to provide for you.” And he did.

Dad may not have shown it the way mom did with long conversations and home-cooked meals… but he loved us. He showed us with 1am trips to the pharmacy for baby-asprin, weekends spent fixing our cars, and warm, safe places to go to sleep at night. He may have had some funny ways of saying it, but our dads loved us. This father’s day, give dad a quiet reminder that you love him too, and that – especially after all these years – you understand what he was trying to say.

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