Who’s Your Special Parent Figure?


Every year as the first tastes of new life blossom on the trees, we take a moment to pause and remember our Mothers. Historians trace the holiday back to roots in a similar celebration; Mothering Sunday, an opportunity for children to gift their mothers with a token of their appreciation, and an acknowledgment of the many sacrifices made for their benefit. These traditions have carried forward to the Mother’s Day celebration we know today, a time when we remind our mothers how grateful we are that they gave us their time, their attention, and their wisdom. A time when we offer them a reminder that we know our lives are better because of their gifts.

Likely though, there are others in our lives that have given us those same gifts, people that don’t as quickly come to mind on the designated Sunday in May. For many of us, there are Aunts and Uncles, neighbors and friends-of-mom who have welcomed us into their lives and provided us with many of the same nurturing qualities our mothers did. These unsung men and women have also given us their time, their attention, their lessons. They have done so without question, without hesitation, and with no expectation of gratification. They gave to us because they loved us.

This Mother’s Day, extend a token of your love, respect, and appreciation for the “Nurturers” in your life; those who have given above and beyond because they loved you. Remind them that you are grateful for the special way that they touched your life, and that you will always remember the gifts they gave.

Find a handcrafted, heirloom quality piece from one of Black Hills Gold Jewelry by Coleman’s many retailers that most perfectly celebrates the special Mothering-types in your life.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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