Good luck comes to those who wear Black Hills Gold Jewelry


It is said that long before Saint Patrick used the three leaves of the clover plant to illustrate the Holy Trinity, ancient Druids believed the shamrock held special powers; one of which was the ability to detect evil spirits. The clover reigned for centuries as a spiritual symbol for several traditions, representing everything from abundance, provision, and nurturing to stability, growth, and fruitfulness (in part because clover grows so quickly and easily), faith, hope, and love to god/goddess energy, time, and balance. Across its many symbolic meanings, however, clover again and again brings up the themes of spirituality and success, perhaps cementing its perception as a charm of luck.

Black Hills Gold jewelry, too, has long been considered ‘a lucky charm’, with the legend of the grapes and leaves stemming from a story about a man on the brink of fatal dehydration whose vision of grapevines inspired him to press on in his search for sustenance, ultimately finding the water he so desperately needed.

While embracing the traditional symbol of the shamrock as a way to channel some of the long-touted luck of the Irish can’t exactly be proven, one thing is for sure; anyone who receives a gift of Black Hills Gold Jewelry – perhaps particularly if it is in the form of a shamrock – is, truly, quite lucky.

Black Hills Gold Jewelry by Coleman offers a stunning selection of “lucky” charms in the tradition of horseshoes, crosses, and – of course – shamrocks. The signature pink and green coloring lends itself beautifully to the symbol of success, making these unique symbols all the more stunning. Crafted by the finest goldsmiths around, the quality of each piece promises to remind generation after generation of wearers just how lucky they are.

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