Home on the Range


Have you noticed it yet? Little patches of leaves on otherwise green leaved trees are turning bright yellow – some litter the ground beneath the tree, others hang on until they deepen their shade and surrender their hold to the winds of fall. The official date isn’t until the 23rd, but nature doesn’t much care about calendars and if the leaves weren’t enough, the crisp morning air is carrying the whisper of the coming season. Fall is almost here.

It seems, sometimes, that fall is the most widely loved season; the bustle of summer is over, the long hot days have passed and the time has come to slow down, get back into a routine, and settle in for the delightful quiet of winter. It seems the same is true for nature, and in sync with nature’s perfect timing, one of the Black Hills’ favorite events – the 50th annual Buffalo Roundup – is coming close on the heels of the official start of fall.

The season of falling leaves, football games, and family gathering close to home is almost here. This year, bring home a beautiful piece of jewelry reminiscent of the season. The signature leaves and grapes of Black Hills Gold jewelry are the perfect compliment to any fall festivities. This year, bring home a touch of handcrafted elegance you can wear, a piece that will remind you that – especially this time of year –  there’s no place like home.

By Jaci Kennison, JLance Freelance, Rapid City, SD

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