Where has the time gone?


It may not officially be ‘fall’ yet, but if the recent dramatic change in weather is any indication, it isn’t far off. Just over a month, actually. Where has the time gone?

Oh, yes, of course! It’s gone to camping, kayaking, swimming, family vacations, summer jobs, lake days, and of course, navigating traffic and road construction. We’ve certainly soaked up the sun, enjoyed our time outdoors, and (hopefully) relaxed away hot nights with ice tea and great friends.

Time marches on for all of us though, and in the next few weeks vacationers will clear out of our campgrounds, public pools will close their gates, and parents will load up shopping carts with school supplies. While for many this ending of the summer season is somewhat sad, it brings with it a whole new season and a different kind of joy. A calmer, quieter, more peaceful season is just around the corner. It’s soon going to be time to pull out sweaters and school books, cover the boat and the garden, and take a drive through the countryside to watch the leaves turn.

Every season has its turn, its time. In celebration of this every-changing beauty, Black Hills Gold Jewelry by Coleman is proud to feature their stunning collection of men’s and ladies’ time pieces. Each piece is delicately embellished with the signature Black Hills Gold rose and green gold leaves that make Black Hills Gold Jewelry By Coleman an heirloom quality gift for yourself or for someone who has shared this time with you. From ornate watch bands to tradition leather wrist bands, retailers carry a wide variety to match almost every style.  Browse our online retailers or visit a retailer to find yours.

By Jaci Kennison, JLance Freelance, Rapid City, SD

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