CC-June-2015-LSomehow the Day for Dads gets rather lost between the flurry of early summer activity and the holiday celebrating our independence, but it doesn’t mean we don’t love our fathers. For many of us they were the enforcer of the house rules and in that role, somewhat intimidating. In truth though, our fathers were – and are – so much more.

Many of our dads were the ones who fixed our bicycles and later our cars, and probably suffered through a good bit of lurching around town while we learned to drive. They were the ones that dressed in uncomfortable suits and let us stand on their feet to dance at weddings, or taught us how to tie our first tie and encouraged us to talk to the girl. They loved us deeply, and it showed in loads of laundry turned pink and dinners burned in the oven in valiant efforts to help.

A lot of us probably didn’t tell him thank you, though. We probably asked to borrow the keys to his car, asked him to fix our gadgets, and complained; about curfews and burned dinners and pink T-shirts.

This Father’s Day, give dad a gift that will forever remind him that even though we may not have said it much when we were kids, we knew we were loved, and we were – and still are – grateful for all he did and all he gave. This Father’s Day, give him a little something that will last as long as his lessons on changing a tire – give dad a treasure, a memento, set in sterling silver or 10K yellow gold accented with Black Hills Gold leaves. An heirloom quality ring, watch, or tack pin from Black Hills Gold Jewelry by Coleman will remind dad every day that he is appreciated, and he is loved.

There are many wonderful men out there giving all they can to be wonderful fathers. If you have one of these special paragons in your life, hold him close and remind him today that you are grateful.

By Jaci Kennison, JLance Freelance, Rapid City, SD

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