Cupid Strikes Again

CC-Jan-2015-LWhere he comes from, no one knows for sure… the bare-bottomed cherub of desire. Effortlessly fluttering from one pair of lovers to another on his delicate little wings, love’s favorite angel is the preeminent matchmaker. Armed with his little heart shaped arrows and drawstring bow, Cupid rules all things love, striking passion deep into the hearts of the hapless humans in his sights, rendering them madly, and helplessly, in love. While the wounds inflicted by his magical armament may not be visible to the naked eye, every target knows when they’ve been struck; a quickened heart, sweating palms, and an inexplicable need to make a fool of oneself in front of the object of their desire – usually beginning with an awkward and breathless introduction. Almost instantly there is magic in the eyes of both lovers, and all else ceases to exist, the world swirling around two people captured for an eternal moment in the other’s gaze.

Or, at least that’s how it happens in the fairytales. For everyone who’s ever been in love, though, the experience is not that far from the truth. Suddenly there is little we wouldn’t do for the one we love, and everything we want to do, we want to do with them at our side. Fairytale or not, on Valentine’s Day, Cupid’s heart shaped arrows remind each of us to show those most dear to our hearts that we love them – beyond measure, beyond reason; madly and helplessly.

This year, give the person you will make yourself a fool for, a gift that will be loved forever – a specially crafted piece of Coleman Black Hills Gold Jewelry. Give them a reminder, with every glance at its sparkle and shine, that you are grateful for the marksmanship of the icon of love… that you are thrilled to be in love. With them.

By Jaci Kennison, JLance Freelance, Rapid City, SD

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