Treasure the Memories!


The Black Hills of South Dakota has long been treasured as a premier vacation destination in the United States, and even throughout the world. Hillsides so densely forested as to appear black from a distance, dotted with lakes, and criss-crossed by mountain streams running quick and clear, through lush, wide open plains and out into the beautiful Badlands… it’s no wonder people from all over the world travel thousands of miles to find adventure – and rest – in the Black Hills.

But that’s not the only treasure here. In the early 1800s, gold was rumored to be in abundance in the Black Hills of South Dakota and in the mid 1870s, mining was widespread. In April of 1876 a gold outcropping near Lead, South Dakota was discovered. Named the Homestake Gold Mine, it would produce about 10% of the world’s gold for the next 125 years.

To this day, Federal mandate requires that Black Hills Gold is manufactured right here in the Hills, and Black Hills Gold Jewelry by Coleman is proudly upholding the tradition of quality and excellence born over a century ago, handcrafting stunning heirloom-quality pieces that – in many families – will be passed on for generations.

What better memento for a trip to the Black Hills than a stunning piece of jewelry handcrafted right here, in the place where gold built many of the cities and towns that you still enjoy today. A bracelet, pendant, or watch is the perfect way to immortalize the treasured memories of a trip you’ll never forget. And once you’ve started your Black Hills Gold Jewelry collection, you can add to it year after year with rings, brooches, anklets, earrings… a piece for any occasion, from anywhere in the world; Black Hills Gold Jewelry by Coleman offers their exclusive Black Hills Gold Collection online, and through retailers across the country.

Make this your best summer ever, and treasure the memories every day, with a piece of jewelry from Black Hills Gold Jewelry by Coleman.

By Jaclyn Kennison, JLance Freelance and Events

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