Tis the season…to get all decked out!

ChristmasheaderThe Holiday season is here! We’ve survived the annual stuffing-ourselves-on-turkey Day, and (mostly) caught up on lost sleep from countless hours of standing in line between fits of shopping, the dishes are done and the gifts are hidden away for wrapping. The time has come to brew a cup of coffee, turn on the holiday music, and turn our attention to decking our halls.

In the midst of digging through boxes of ornaments and lights, we find old memories,
milestones, and traditions, marks of our evolution as people, and families and
communities. The twinkle of the christmas lights ignites in our hearts a deep desire to
share what we have with those that have-not and remind our friends, neighbors, and
loved ones how truly important they are in our lives. Piles of garland and the smell of the
tree bring back the magic of the season – reflecting back to our adult selves the hope
and belief in wishes-come-true that came with the innocence of youth. These are the
reasons we deck our halls.

But what about ourselves? Save for the obligatory bad holiday sweater with puff-ballornaments and embroidered snowflakes, most of us have pitifully few trimmings with
which to celebrate the joy and tradition of the holiday season once we’ve left the house.
We go about our day decidedly un-ornamented, largely ignoring the season until we are
met at the end of the driveway with a house covered in lights. Why not put on a little
holiday magic every day?

Whether for a gift, or a gift for yourself (I mean, come on, you did survive Black Friday
and decorating…), you will find a wide selection of unique, handcrafted ornamentation
for ears, necks, wrists and fingers. A special piece of jewelry especially for the holiday
season to bring back all the magic of Christmas, every time you or your loved one put it
on. What better gift, than the gift of awe and enchantment this holiday season?
Deck your halls! And ears and wrists and fingers!

Happy Holidays from Black Hills Gold Jewelry by Coleman.

By Jaclyn Kennison, JLance Freelance and Events

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