The Feast of Gratitude

ThanksgivingThe leaves have fallen, the snow has come and the pumpkins have been baked – it is officially the Holiday season. Yes, it’s time for lights on our homes, and trees in our living rooms, but that’s not all.

Every year it seems Christmas with all its baubles and bling, creeps closer to Halloween, and Thanksgiving gets glossed over by gargantuan meals and football games. The annual feast of gratitude, a holiday that was meant to celebrate all we have been given, has become little more than the launch point for 2am shopping sprees.

It is more, though, and here in the Black Hills of South Dakota, we are grateful. Even in
the face of near-devastating tragedy for many in our little corner of the world, families,
friends and neighbors will still be gathering around tables, hands clasped, giving thanks;
thanks for each other, thanks for the blessings of warm homes and good food, thanks
for the snow that wrecked havoc on our lives – but that will keep drought at bay, thanks
for friends and neighbors that have risen up in support and helped bear the loss…
There’s still a lot of gratitude in Thanksgiving around here.

At Black Hills Gold Jewelry by Coleman, we are grateful to be a part of a community of
such strength and compassion. We are grateful for the customers that have been
coming to us for generations, trusting our quality and design to symbolize their love,
devotion, and gratitude for each other. We are grateful for our tremendous staff and their
families, who give us their all, and for all those whose lives we’ve had the privilege to
touch. We couldn’t be more honored – or grateful.

Happy Thanksgiving.

By Jaclyn Kennison, JLance Freelance and Events

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