It’s Hip to be Square

Square-ring-40374ABThere was a time, not so long ago, when “square” was not really a good thing. It meant that you clung to old ways of thinking, and adhered to the rules. The rejection of the square defined a generation.

That time has long past. The square has been redefined as modern. Bold. Edgy. And that is defining a whole new generation.

These days, the ‘square’ is everywhere. It has evolved to a statement of strength and stability, providing the foundation for an era of fashion, design, and jewelry. Square cut stones of all kinds are gracing necks, wrists and fingers all over the world. The style is modern without being cliche, impactful without being gaudy, and positively stunning in the right setting.

The Princess Cut diamond engagement rings led the charge for the past few years, but interest in square cut gemstones has recently taken center stage. Personal style has become more important than ever before as shoppers seek out unique versions of ontrend styles, reflective of their particular tastes. When it comes to jewelry, the world of square-cut gemstones is the perfect place to create such distinctive styles.

Black Hills Gold Jewelry by Coleman offers a wide variety of precious and semiprecious square-cut gemstones, brilliantly showcased in gold or silver settings, signature grape leaves perfectly placed to compliment the color of the stones, and match every individual taste.

As rock legends Huey Lewis and the News famously sang nearly three decades ago – it’s “An idea whose time has come… It’s hip to be square.”

Browse all of Black Hills Gold Jewelry by Coleman’s jewelry and accessories at

By Jaclyn Kennison, JLance Freelance and Events

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