Style-earrings-50647-SHFor decades the biggest style trends were defined by the runway, and copy-cat versions showed up in all kinds of department stores, making high “fashion” accessible… and boring. The goal was to get the most up-to-date designs at the best possible price and a trip down Main Street was a mirror image of department stores; one A-line belted dress and hat combination after another.

The evolution in the industry over the past several decades has been reflective of the
culture; women and men have stepped out in their own style, subtle and not-so-subtle
variations on runway fashions have set a whole new trend; individual, boutique-y
statements of fashion and personality. Jewelry and accessories have rightly followed

Black Hills Gold jewelry’s heritage of quality has long held a place in the more traditional
style sections, and now it’s tradition of unique, hand-styled designs have also earned it
a place in trendy jewelry boutiques all over the world. The reason? Black Hills Gold
Jewelry by Coleman pieces are all hand designed and crafted, each as unique as the
snowflakes that transform the Hills into a winter wonderland every year.

Black Hills Gold jewelry by Coleman pieces marry unique, one-of-a-kind style with the
lasting quality that makes jewelry generational, and timeless. And what could be better
than a gift like that?

By Jaclyn Kennison, JLance Freelance and Events

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