Summer. Sun Dresses? Bathing Suits? Bling it on.

40868-I-AN-GSFor many of us, the thought of dancing through fields of sunflowers in wispy dresses or dragging our toes through the sand in bathing suits will only ever be that. A thought.  Especially when we are not quite happy with our body shapes.

Worry not. You don’t have to run to the gym or starve yourself on celery. Don’t try on a thousand swimming suits with magic-tummy-tuck panels or thigh-slimming-high-rise leg openings. We’ve got a better solution. Let’s embrace our bodies, just the way they are, and proudly decorate what we have with a lovely bit of bling from Black Hills Gold Jewelry by Coleman.

With a stunning necklace beaming sunshine all over the beach, no one will notice
anything but your jewelry. And who wouldn’t feel delicate and stunning with a Black Hills
gold or silver ring or bracelet bling-ing with every flick of the wrist?

Afterall, we all know we’re beautiful because we let our spirits shine, like the diamonds
they are. Not because we spent the most time in the gym. Get your summer bling on at
any of our Black Hills Gold Jewelry by Coleman retailers located across the country and

By Jaclyn Kennison, JLance Freelance and Events

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