A Mother’s Day Celebration

mothersdayMother’s Day – the day we celebrate Mom’s the world over… and maybe the most difficult gift-giving holiday of the year. 

How does a child or a partner possibly choose a gift that truly reflects the depth of gratitude we hold for our mothers?

The best Hallmark cards ultimately still say “I appreciate you sacrificing endlessly throughout my entire life so I could give you this card.”

And adding a new apron or a dozen roses hardly says “Thank you for giving up your body, your sleep, all of your free time, your attention, your money, your clean house, your clean clothes, your clean car and most all of the other luxuries in your life so I could be here.”

So what is a son or daughter or partner to do? Black Hills Gold Jewelry by Coleman may just have the solution.

Black Hills Gold Jewelry by Coleman is crafted from precious metals, as precious as Mom, and each piece is as timeless as your memories of her – a stunning piece of jewelry from Black Hills Gold Jewelry by Coleman can be passed on generation to generation, just like her favorite cup, recipe, or flower vase. A gift of Black Hills Gold Jewelry by Coleman will remind her every day how much you appreciate her and all she’s done for you.

Browse our online retailers or local retailers to find just the right piece for mom. You can even have it set with the family’s birthstones. When Mom opens that little white box, she’ll know just how precious she is.

By Jaclyn Kennison, JLance Freelance and Events

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