Ice-CollectionWhether you are getting down on one knee, or just getting the gift sheʼs always dreamed of, melt her heart with our new Cubic Zirconia Ice Collection.

Cubic Zirconia?  Seriously?

Yes, seriously.

Why?  Theyʼre inexpensive, theyʼre brighter, theyʼre widely available, theyʼre almost always perfect, and that ʼs just the start.

When you are investing in a stunning piece of jewelry, what you want is beauty, quality and durability, right?  Cubic Zirconia have a brighter fire, are virtually flawless, and indistinguishable from diamonds to the naked eye. They can be made completely colorless, or in just about any hue of the color wheel and actually weigh more than diamonds. The best part? Cubic Zirconia are less brittle and susceptible to chips and cracks than diamonds. 

When you buy a simulated (man-made) stone, buy one that is more beautiful, more perfect and more durable.  Bonus: Since Cubic Zirconia are inexpensive, you can place your investment in a stunning, intricate and unique Black Hills Gold Jewelry by Coleman setting she will absolutely love.

Beauty, quality and durability… thatʼs the icing on the cake.  

Let Black Hills Gold Jewelry by Coleman help you find the perfect stone and the perfect setting.  Browse our Ice Collection at

By Jaclyn Kennison, JLance Freelance and Events

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