Somewhere over the rainbow!

ImageWhat’s red, blue, green, purple and brown?  No , it’s not a bruise.  No, it’s not a partial color wheel.  And, no it’s not Barney wearing a psychedelic vest – it’s a genuine mystic fire topaz stone reflecting the colors of a rainbow. 

 The mystic fire topaz is a man-made creation.  In 1998, a Minnesota company called Azotic Coating Technologies developed and patented a method to transform the appearance of colorless topaz by coating the underside, or pavilion, of a cut stone with a fine film of titanium.  The result was a colorful, blue-green semiprecious gemstone with a rainbow of color accents. 

Black Hills Gold Jewelry by Coleman has paired this delightful gemstone with complementary Black Hills Gold and Black Hills Gold & Sterling silver settings to create an ever-popular fad.  Check out our entire collection at

 If you’re inspired by the absolute beauty of this collection, we’d sure appreciate hearing from you!

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