Are you ready for some football?


Maple Leaf Pendant



Can you believe that it’s finally here – the 2012-2013 Football Season – it’s really here in full force.  It’s a great time of year for sports fans and the not-so-sports fans like kids and spouses who continuously ask why did they call that?  What does that mean?  Who is their quarterback? And the questions go on and on and on.  You patiently reply with a qualified answer because you ARE the sports fan.


Football season is also a great time for food – chili, pizza, chips, nuts, popcorn, you name it.  This brings us to jewelry.  How in the world does jewelry – Black Hills Gold Jewelry – tie into football?  Well, think about all of the team uniforms that come from the color combinations of Black Hills Gold Jewelry:  Gold, silver, green, rose . . . 


Let us know who your favorite football team is this season and provide us with a brief description of their uniform colors.


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