Mom, you’re the best!

Mom, you’re the best!

To think this one person brought us into this world, fed us, and helped us grow. Changed how many diapers (often times a very nasty task)! Read riveting stories to us about the escapades of Dick & Jane along with their dog Spot. Fed us delicious Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches, and the occasional bowl of Sugar Smacks or Super Sugar Crisps (ok, maybe it wasn’t so occasional but we worked off the sugar playing outside all day long). She was there to comfort us when we had bad dreams or to fix us up when we fell.

You played such an important role in our childhood years. Mom, you’re the best!

But your job was not over yet. Then we hit our adolescent years, “the teens” and it was a whole new set of circumstances that we had to deal with and counted on you for advice. Romance, relationships, and romance.

Thanks for being there to listen and for your advice. Mom, you’re the best!

And yet your job is still not over. As we become young adults and older adults, we continue to rely on your kindness, sympathy, and wisdom. The issues may be larger but we always know that you will be there will open arms.

Mom, you’re the best!

So why not give her the best! A gift that will last a lifetime just like the gift that she has given throughout your lifetime. Black Hills Gold by Coleman.

PS – I really did mean everything I said about Mom but I had to put a plug in for Black Hills Gold somehow!


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