Just what is Black Hills Gold jewelry?

Black Hills Gold necklace

While everyone loves the beauty of Black Hills Gold jewelry, there are a number of misconceptions as to exactly what it is. The simple answer, it is a specific design of jewelry which must be made in the Black Hills of South Dakota per a US Federal Mandate in order for it to be called Black Hills Gold jewelry.

The longer more romantic answer begins well over a hundred years ago with the legend of Henri LeBeau back in the gold rush days. Henri a French Goldsmith came to the Black Hills to find his treasure during the wild gold rush days. Without much luck he soon found himself wandering the hills lost and hungry. He began dreaming of grapes and when he awoke came upon some grapes on which he survived. From that day forward he dedicated himself to designing jewelry featuring a tri-color grape leaf design and the idea of Black Hills Gold was born.

While it is true that at one time the gold was mined in the Black Hills for the jewelry, this is no longer the case as numerous gold refineries now supply the raw materials.

Gold in its purest for is yellow or gold in color. In order to get the rose and green gold colors for the grape leaves, gold is mixed with other metals such as zinc or copper to get these colors. The gold is not mined in different colors.

 Black Hills Gold jewelry is still crafted in the Black Hills of South Dakota today in the legendary design of tri-color grape leafs in the same way it was so many years ago.

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3 Responses to Just what is Black Hills Gold jewelry?

  1. mauryhill says:

    Very informative. I knew the information in the first paragraph; but I’d never heard of Henri’s legend.
    I particularly like how you associated “jewelry” with “romance” and locale with a particular type of jewelry.
    4 posts! You’re a fast learner!

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