It’s Time to Honor Dad

CC-May-2014-LParents are special – inherently – because of what they’ve given us, and what they’ve given up for us – but Dads often hold a special place in our hearts and in our lives. Mothers are developed over months and months of pregnancy, already caring for us even before we’re born, but Dads are made in a single life-changing moment. They are there, cheering Mom along, and then, in an instant, they are handed a baby – their child – and look into the face of a little person that will be dependent upon them in varying degrees for the rest of their lives. Suddenly, they’re a dad. And they spend the rest of their lives giving to us.

They give us their time to play and the last dollar in their wallet for ice cream. They loan out the car keys and put their very lives at risk giving driving lessons. They give all their wisdom about fishing or golfing or changing tires. They hold us to our moral code and teach us how to fend for ourselves.

This Father’s Day, honor Dad with a special gift from Black Hills Gold Jewelry by Coleman. Choose from our fine selection of money clips, tack pins, and men’s rings all featuring the signature grapes and leaves, indicative of handcrafted, genuine gold and silver. Or choose from a stunning array of men’s watches, designed to showcase your dad’s unique personality with rich, black or traditional champagne colored faces
, soaring eagles or simple leaves. Even pocket watches.

No matter your father’s style, Black Hills Gold Jewelry by Coleman has a gift that he will treasure, one that will remind him that you took the time to honor him with a gift representative of your gratitude for all he has given you.

By Jaclyn Kennison, JLance Freelance and Events

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Mom – A Special Gift to the Family!

CC-April-2014-LWhen women have children, they do more than give birth to babies – they give birth to families. People are immediately transformed into “Mothers” and “Fathers”, “Sisters” and “Brothers”. Whole collections of people joined by blood, by love, and often both, gather together as families for the rest of their lives. They teach each other as they grow together, weaving the stories of their lives into a tapestry of memories. And then the young have grown up, and begun their own lives, and Mothers watch as their families grow in a whole new way. Branches of her tree extend further and further out, draw new members in, and have children of their own. This is one of the greatest treasures of Motherhood – the blessing of family.

When the day comes, each year, to pause, gather ‘round, and thank Mom for all she’s done, look at each of the faces. You are all there, all here, because of Mom. Your husbands and wives, sons and daughters are here, because of Mom. This year, thank her for all she’s done for you, and then thank her again, for making you a family.

3410X4-GSWhether you are two or twenty strong, a precious piece of jewelry representing the whole family is a gift she will treasure for the rest of her life, and pass along for her children and grandchildren to treasure too. Black Hills Gold Jewelry by Coleman handcrafted gold and sterling silver jewelry pieces come in several designs to match almost any style – from stunning cross and heart pendants, to ornate leaf-and-vine designed rings and simple silver bands. Even family tree pendants. All delicately designed to house the birthstones of the most important people in her life – her family.

By Jaclyn Kennison, JLance Freelance and Events



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Rock Her World This Spring!


That little something that happens in the Spring… that little shift, that little whisper of excitement that rides in on the wafting smell of lilac and grass, that little shiver of anticipation that comes with the first day we let the sun touch our arms and legs… that little something is actually something quite special, and for some, it turns into the biggest little something of their lives; a proposal.

Whether it’s the flutter you get in your heart the first time you see her in a sundress, or the moment when you’re enjoying the season’s first picnic-in-the-park day – and then realize you want her by your side every day… if you’ve decided this is the Spring you are going to rock her world…. we’ve got just the rock for you.

Black Hills Gold Jewelry by Coleman offers a wide variety of precious and semi-precious stones set in the timeless Black Hills Gold style. If your heart fancies the traditional diamond engagement ring, we have them in a wide array of settings including karat gold or silver silver, all beautifully styled with the legendary grapes and leaves. Looking for a ring to say “I will love you forever and I want you to marry me. Eventually.”? Consider one of our beautiful two-piece settings found online and in retail stores across the country.

By Jaclyn Kennison, JLance Freelance and Events

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Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Black Hills Gold Jewelry

Happy St. Patrick's DayAh, the festival of Saint Patrick. For centuries, people the world over have embraced the
17th of March as a day of Irish-loving festivities, but in truth the celebration is actually
rooted in the story of a resilient, passionate man with a mission.

Saint Patrick was born in Britain under Romanian rule sometime in the fourth century to
a family of religious leaders; his father was a deacon and his grandfather a priest in the
Christian church. It wasn’t until he was captured and enslaved by Irish raiders at the age
of 16, that he began to nurture his own spirituality. For six years Patrick learned the
traditions, religion, and language of his kidnappers while he tended their sheep. Much of
his time was spent in prayer and he drew ever closer to his Christian God with each
passing year. Eventually he escaped his captors and returned home to Britain where he
pursued his religious studies to become a priest. In the year 432, he felt called back to
Ireland and he returned – this time as a bishop – and worked to convert the pagan Irish
to Christianity. It is rumored a favorite tool for this job was the shamrock, easily
illustrating the difficult concept that the three primary entities of the church – the Father,
the Son, and the Holy Spirit – exist as one. He is believed to have died on the 17th of
March in 461.

The feast of Saint Patrick has spread across the world both as a celebration of a deeply
spiritual man who dedicated his life to bringing Christianity to a largely pagan Ireland,
and a celebration of the country and its heritage.

Over the years the shamrock, the color green, and the flag of Ireland have been
embraced by Christians and non-christians alike as symbols of the holiday. The clover
has become so synonymous with the saint and his work that people the world over have
taken up the tradition of collecting or gifting the shamrock, Celtic cross, and other
symbols of friendship and Christianity such as the Claddagh and traditional cross in
commemoration of the holiday.

Coleman Black Hills Gold jewelry carries a beautiful array of items featuring these
symbols crafted with the signature rose and green gold leaves paired with karat gold or
sterling silver. Each piece is unique, handcrafted, and of heirloom quality – a stunning
representation of the Irish in all of us.

By Jaclyn Kennison, JLance Freelance and Events

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A Lot to Love

Valentine's Day

If you are lucky enough to be holding a lovely little white box in your hand, with the
signature Black Hills Gold Jewelry by Coleman logo stamped on the lid puff, you have a
lot to love.

It’s more than just a lovely piece of jewelry. Our designs are unique, and handcrafted
locally by your friends and neighbors. Our materials are the highest quality. We source domestically as much as possible and we are proud to be American made, and American owned.

Turn a piece of our jewelry in your hands, and you will see how the gold shines from
deep within, because we take care in polishing and buffing each piece we manufacture.
Every facet of each grape and leaf shimmers because we take the time to carefully
inspect every element of the art we create.

A gift from Black Hills Gold Jewelry by Coleman means someone took the time to select
the highest quality jewelry, a piece that would stand the test of time, and be handed
down for generations. A gift of Black Hills Gold Jewelry by Coleman is truly a gift from
the heart.

When you hold a piece of Black Hills Gold Jewelry by Coleman in your hands, you have
a lot to love; the delicate and patient process used to create each piece, the beauty and
quality of the jewelry itself… and, especially, whomever just handed you such a heartfelt
gift. (Go ahead, give ‘em a kiss.)

By Jaclyn Kennison, JLance Freelance and Events

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Tis the season…to get all decked out!

ChristmasheaderThe Holiday season is here! We’ve survived the annual stuffing-ourselves-on-turkey Day, and (mostly) caught up on lost sleep from countless hours of standing in line between fits of shopping, the dishes are done and the gifts are hidden away for wrapping. The time has come to brew a cup of coffee, turn on the holiday music, and turn our attention to decking our halls.

In the midst of digging through boxes of ornaments and lights, we find old memories,
milestones, and traditions, marks of our evolution as people, and families and
communities. The twinkle of the christmas lights ignites in our hearts a deep desire to
share what we have with those that have-not and remind our friends, neighbors, and
loved ones how truly important they are in our lives. Piles of garland and the smell of the
tree bring back the magic of the season – reflecting back to our adult selves the hope
and belief in wishes-come-true that came with the innocence of youth. These are the
reasons we deck our halls.

But what about ourselves? Save for the obligatory bad holiday sweater with puff-ballornaments and embroidered snowflakes, most of us have pitifully few trimmings with
which to celebrate the joy and tradition of the holiday season once we’ve left the house.
We go about our day decidedly un-ornamented, largely ignoring the season until we are
met at the end of the driveway with a house covered in lights. Why not put on a little
holiday magic every day?

Whether for a gift, or a gift for yourself (I mean, come on, you did survive Black Friday
and decorating…), you will find a wide selection of unique, handcrafted ornamentation
for ears, necks, wrists and fingers. A special piece of jewelry especially for the holiday
season to bring back all the magic of Christmas, every time you or your loved one put it
on. What better gift, than the gift of awe and enchantment this holiday season?
Deck your halls! And ears and wrists and fingers!

Happy Holidays from Black Hills Gold Jewelry by Coleman.

By Jaclyn Kennison, JLance Freelance and Events

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The Feast of Gratitude

ThanksgivingThe leaves have fallen, the snow has come and the pumpkins have been baked – it is officially the Holiday season. Yes, it’s time for lights on our homes, and trees in our living rooms, but that’s not all.

Every year it seems Christmas with all its baubles and bling, creeps closer to Halloween, and Thanksgiving gets glossed over by gargantuan meals and football games. The annual feast of gratitude, a holiday that was meant to celebrate all we have been given, has become little more than the launch point for 2am shopping sprees.

It is more, though, and here in the Black Hills of South Dakota, we are grateful. Even in
the face of near-devastating tragedy for many in our little corner of the world, families,
friends and neighbors will still be gathering around tables, hands clasped, giving thanks;
thanks for each other, thanks for the blessings of warm homes and good food, thanks
for the snow that wrecked havoc on our lives – but that will keep drought at bay, thanks
for friends and neighbors that have risen up in support and helped bear the loss…
There’s still a lot of gratitude in Thanksgiving around here.

At Black Hills Gold Jewelry by Coleman, we are grateful to be a part of a community of
such strength and compassion. We are grateful for the customers that have been
coming to us for generations, trusting our quality and design to symbolize their love,
devotion, and gratitude for each other. We are grateful for our tremendous staff and their
families, who give us their all, and for all those whose lives we’ve had the privilege to
touch. We couldn’t be more honored – or grateful.

Happy Thanksgiving.

By Jaclyn Kennison, JLance Freelance and Events

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It’s Hip to be Square

Square-ring-40374ABThere was a time, not so long ago, when “square” was not really a good thing. It meant that you clung to old ways of thinking, and adhered to the rules. The rejection of the square defined a generation.

That time has long past. The square has been redefined as modern. Bold. Edgy. And that is defining a whole new generation.

These days, the ‘square’ is everywhere. It has evolved to a statement of strength and stability, providing the foundation for an era of fashion, design, and jewelry. Square cut stones of all kinds are gracing necks, wrists and fingers all over the world. The style is modern without being cliche, impactful without being gaudy, and positively stunning in the right setting.

The Princess Cut diamond engagement rings led the charge for the past few years, but interest in square cut gemstones has recently taken center stage. Personal style has become more important than ever before as shoppers seek out unique versions of ontrend styles, reflective of their particular tastes. When it comes to jewelry, the world of square-cut gemstones is the perfect place to create such distinctive styles.

Black Hills Gold Jewelry by Coleman offers a wide variety of precious and semiprecious square-cut gemstones, brilliantly showcased in gold or silver settings, signature grape leaves perfectly placed to compliment the color of the stones, and match every individual taste.

As rock legends Huey Lewis and the News famously sang nearly three decades ago – it’s “An idea whose time has come… It’s hip to be square.”

Browse all of Black Hills Gold Jewelry by Coleman’s jewelry and accessories at

By Jaclyn Kennison, JLance Freelance and Events

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Style-earrings-50647-SHFor decades the biggest style trends were defined by the runway, and copy-cat versions showed up in all kinds of department stores, making high “fashion” accessible… and boring. The goal was to get the most up-to-date designs at the best possible price and a trip down Main Street was a mirror image of department stores; one A-line belted dress and hat combination after another.

The evolution in the industry over the past several decades has been reflective of the
culture; women and men have stepped out in their own style, subtle and not-so-subtle
variations on runway fashions have set a whole new trend; individual, boutique-y
statements of fashion and personality. Jewelry and accessories have rightly followed

Black Hills Gold jewelry’s heritage of quality has long held a place in the more traditional
style sections, and now it’s tradition of unique, hand-styled designs have also earned it
a place in trendy jewelry boutiques all over the world. The reason? Black Hills Gold
Jewelry by Coleman pieces are all hand designed and crafted, each as unique as the
snowflakes that transform the Hills into a winter wonderland every year.

Black Hills Gold jewelry by Coleman pieces marry unique, one-of-a-kind style with the
lasting quality that makes jewelry generational, and timeless. And what could be better
than a gift like that?

By Jaclyn Kennison, JLance Freelance and Events

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panningIn the mid 1870s, thousands of pioneers flocked to the rumors of gold, struggling across the wide expanse of prairie in their quest to fulfill dreams of a better life. They wanted strong, healthy families, farms and businesses, and the kind of success that afforded them the chance to live comfortably, luxuriously even.

Aboard covered wagons and on foot they traveled for weeks, months sometimes, with little more than a hope to keep them moving forward. Thirst, hunger, exposure and disease claimed the lives of many, but their dreams would not be defeated. Their futures were at stake, and the futures of the next several generations. The answer to their prayers, their brighter future, lay somewhere off the horizon in a dreamland of wealth and success – the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Gold had been discovered there just after the Custer Expedition and the promise of untold wealth offered by nuggets large and small all over the Black Hills was the star upon which many young Americans hung their hopes. In 1874 miners were discovering and claiming plots of land along Black Hills creeks, making small fortunes in placer gold – the loose gold pieces generally found mixed with sediment and rock in creek beds and streams.

Many fortunes were made, and dreams built on the placer gold that settled to the edge of the mining pan. Homes, businesses, families, and whole communities were financed by settlers and prospectors persistent in their vision of a better life. Fearless of the wild frontier, devoted to the work required, those early Americans risked it all to bring lives they could only imagine to the America they already loved.

According to legend, one such young American – Henri LeBeau, a goldsmith from France – fell asleep believing he was dying of thirst and starvation, and dreamt of a mountain stream with grape vines growing on its banks. When he awoke, he discovered just over a nearby rise, the stream and grape vines of his dream. In his endless gratitude for his life saved, he devoted his talents as a goldsmith to creating jewelry featuring the grapes, leaves, and vines that adorned the banks of the stream. This tale of determination and success is forever immortalized, in the signature rose, green and yellow gold of the grapes and leaves featured in Black Hills Gold jewelry.

At Black Hills Gold Jewelry by Coleman, artisans create stunning jewelry accessories through a process that can require up to 40 different manufacturing steps; a few dating back to the early 1800’s. Many of the 40-plus steps also include handcrafting by these artisans who are skillfully trained when hired or bring their skills with them that they learned from past generations. Working just 30 miles from the Mt. Rushmore monument honoring our Founding Fathers – Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln – these skillfully trained artisans produce a wide variety of traditional and contemporary styles carrying the world renown designation of Black Hills Gold.

To this day, the legend of Henri LeBeau as well as several of the traditional Black Hills Gold Jewelry manufacturing steps live on in fine jewelry pieces exclusively crafted by Black Hills Gold Jewelry by Coleman.

By Jaclyn Kennison, JLance Freelance and Events

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